Automation Studio


The Tool of Choice for Teaching, Training and Learning Automation, Electrical and Fluid Power Engineering Technologies.

If you teach subjects related to hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and control technologies, the illustration of concepts and the behaviour of systems are no doubt at the heart of your requirements.
Created in 1986 by Famic Technologies to meet the needs of technical teaching and training and used in thousands of schools worldwide, Automation Studio™ is a unique software solution, which offers intuitive design, animation, simulation and system analysis features in a versatile and user-friendly environment. It allows teachers to present more content in less time, improves students’ understanding of concepts and diagnosis capabilities and brings to schools, colleges and universities an optimal return on investment.

Automation Studio Modules

  • Hydraulics

  • Proportional Hydraulics

  • Pneumatics

  • Proportional Pneumatics

  • Component Sizing Module

  • Mechanical Links

  • Electrical Controls

  • Electrotechnical (A.C. & D.C.)

  • One-Line Electrotechnical Diagram

  • PLC, Allen Bradley™

  • PLC, Siemens™

  • PLC, IEC 1131-3

  • HMI 2D/3D & Control Panel

  • SFC Grafcet IEC 61131

  • Digital Electronics

  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) & Report Module

  • OPC Client

  • Teachware for Hydraulic &nElectrotechnical

  • Block Diagram

Automation Studio Features

Thousands of Symbols

Comprehensive sets of libraries with ISO components that can be used to teach a wide array of subjects related to hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical and control technologies.

Customizable Library

Easily create your own library with required components specific to an exercise or laboratory. Also, reproduce any Lab equipment to simulate them before the hands-on experience.

Virtual Systems

Using the Electrical and PLC Libraries as well as the SFC module, students simply link sensors, switches, lights, conveyors, etc., in order to make the pre-made Virtual Systems operate according to the teacher’s instructions.

Remote Access

Online remote access license connection for teachers and students. You can prepare and simulate your courses and homework from home, school or workplace.

Connect to Real Devices

In order to connect Automation Studio™ to an external hardware, you can either use an I/O interface kit or an OPC Client Server.

Insert Pictures and Text on Schematics

Insert texts and images to your schematics to create complete documented circuits.

Link between all Technologies

All technologies can be linked together to create a complete mechatronic system that reinforces the student understanding of system interactions.

Linked Videos, Hyperlinks, Files, etc.

Online remote access license connection for teachers and students. You can prepare and simulate your courses and homework from home, school or workplace.


Component Configuration

All components have properties that can be easily changed in order to visualize their effect during simulation. Create and configure valves, cylinders, motors, etc. to obtain a component graphically and technically compliant to real performances.

HMI 2D/3D- Animation according to Schematics

Create 2D or 3D animation linked with the circuit, enhancing your schematic and making it more visual for students. Use the 3D editor for creating and importing 3D parts in STEP, STL and IGES.

Cut & Paste to other Applications

Cut and Paste directly into another application with a great resolution and in colour to create assignments.

Simulation Mode

The simulation modes "Normal", "Slow Motion", "Step by Step" and "Pause" allow users to control the simulation.

Dynamic Measuring Tool

Virtual measuring instruments can be placed directly on the component to measure a wide range of parameters that can be recorded and viewed in the Plotter.


Fluid Power and Electrical Plotter

With a simple Drag and Drop operation, you can plot simulated parameters which can be exported to a text file for further analysis.

Create Video Files of your Project

Create video files of your projects that can be used with other applications, or record the entire application for training purpose.


Customizable and dynamic Bill of Material that can be placed directly on the schematic or exported to create a report.

Cut-Away Animation

The animated component cross-sections illustrate the internal functioning of components. The animations are synchronized with the circuit simulation.


Realistic Measuring Instruments

Realistic measuring tools: multi  - meter, oscilloscope, hydraulic tester, thermometer and manometer, can be used to reproduce real life measuring experience.


Create or activate pre-defined component failure to develop troubleshooting skills. Failures can be activated by preset conditions or manually during simulation.

Manufacturers' Catalogues

Create and simulate schematics using real life component behaviour from our extensive manufacturers' catalogue that includes PDF specifications and test benches.

Variable Frequency Drives

Motor soft starters and variable frequency drives are available. VFDs are built according to manufacturers’ specifications such as Siemens™, Allen Bradley™, WEG™, etc.


Mechanism Manager

Using the Mechanism Manager, mechanical bodies can be linked to Fluid Power actuators to simulate and animate their effects.

Component Sizing

Calculation worksheets are provided for hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical components which include calculation tools provided with applicable equations and parameter definitions.