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The Electrical library allows to create, simulate and troubleshoot electrical circuits. It offers a wide array of components to create AC/DC and motor control circuits, from basic to advanced. It supports IEC, NEMA, JIC and SAE standards. Realistic measuring tools such as a multimeter, clamp meter and oscilloscope, can be used to reproduce real-life measuring and fault-finding experiences, enhancing student’s troubleshooting skills.

Activate component failures by preset conditions or manually during simulation using the troubleshooting feature. Soft Starters & Variable Frequency Drives from manufacturers such as Siemens™, Allen Bradley™, WEG™, etc., are pre-made and ready to simulate.

Users can place a picture of a real component in front of a symbol to create a wiring diagram view. Since the Automation Studio™ symbol is behind the picture, the simulation can still run and measurements can be taken on the circuits. Components can also be stored in the custom library to reproduce the electrical trainer. Ready to use content for teaching and training on specific electrical components and equipment is publicly available following OEMs' specifications from the Manufacturers' Catalogues.

Motor Control.png

Automation Studio Electrical Modules

  • Electrical Controls

  • Electrotechnical (A.C. & D.C.)

  • Component Sizing Module

  • One-Line Electrotechnical Diagram

  • PLC, Allen Bradley™

  • PLC, Siemens™

  • PLC, IEC 1131-3

  • HMI 2D/3D & Control Panel

  • SFC Grafcet IEC 61131

  • Digital Electronics

  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) & Report Module

  • OPC Client

  • Teachware for Electrotechnical

  • Block Diagram 

  • Custom Libraries for Real PLC Wiring

  • Custom Libraries for DC Electronics Breadboard


What’s new in Automation Studio™ Version E7.0

Automation Studio™ E7 - Educational Edition is all about supporting teachers in delivering content, as well as improving the student’s learning experience. Use real-looking illustrated components to create and simulate circuits. A new Forum is available to quickly access the latest demonstration files and custom libraries. You can also share your projects and experience with other instructors and users worldwide.


AB-500 and AB-5000 Compatible Functions and Addresses

These new libraries are an update from our original library that did not include all the major functions. With these two new libraries, you will be able to create control circuits using addresses (AB-500) or tag names (AB-5000).


PLC Custom Library

This library was created to enable students to actually wire up the PLC (Allen Bradley, Eaton, Koyo, LS Electric, Mitsubishi, Omron, Siemens, etc.), write the Ladder Logic and run the simulation to see the inputs and outputs being triggered on the PLC according to their ladder diagram.


Renewable Energy Custom Library

The new Renewable Energy library is made with illustrated components. It enables to create and simulate circuits with look-alike components from real-world applications. Some components even animate during simulation, creating an optimal experience for training activities.


DC Electrical Custom Library

This illustrated library is intended for DC electrical circuits. Components can be connected directly or by using the breadboard to create and simulate your circuit.


Residential Electricity Custom Library

Students can now quickly build residential electrical circuits using common components which they are familiar with.


New Discussion Forum

  • Many customers want to share their schematics with other parties or simply share their experience.

  • More than 180 Demo Files to download

  • Custom libraries & Illustrated libraries

  • Any other discussions



New Semiconductor Devices

New semiconductor components have been added to the Electrotechnical library.

  • Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT)

  • Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET)

  • Metal-Oxyde-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET)

  • Thyristors

Thyristors, bipolar transistors and field effect transistors have been introduced. The thyristor can be controlled by a variable or by an external circuit and the transistors have been designed to operate in both switching and amplification modes.


Improvement of the Battery Component

  • The ageing effect on the battery capacity is now taken into account

  • OCV hysteresis effect is taken into account by differentiating OCV vs SOC curves during charge and discharge

  • New advanced model taking into account the voltage transients' behaviour during charge and discharge

  • Predefined battery parameters for the different available battery types

  • Improvement on the Battery Component


Terminal Strips Builder

New terminals with jumper channels management of different categories were added:

  • Feed-Through

  • Ground

  • Feed-Through with Ground

  • Knife Disconnect

  • Disconnect

  • Sensor / Actuator

  • Fuse Holder

  • Distribution Blocks

Simplified terminals are still available. The new builder allows complete management of the Terminal Strips, including the accessories management and the part numbers. Terminal strip export and import functions are also available.

AB 500 & AB5000 PLC Ladder
Real PLC Wiring
Renewable Energy
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Domestic Wiring
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Thyristor Components
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