AxCYCLE ® -  Thermodynamic Cycle Design,  Simulation, Analysis and Optimization

AxCYCLE allows designers to perform a very significant part of refrigeration cycle design, analysis and optimization.

AxCYCLE allows users to quickly and easily design, analyze and optimize various thermodynamic cycles (thermodynamic simulation and heat balance calculations), including refrigeration (heat pump) cycles in a user-friendly and flexible environment, from a restricted amount of known data, all the way to techno-economic calculations and optimizations with the AxCYCLE Economics tool.

The tasks user can solve with AxCYCLE® include:

  • Design new refrigeration cycles from scratch

  • Analyze existing heat pump systems and their performance at design and off-design conditions

  • Redesign, optimize, rerate and upgrade existing refrigeration systems/components

  • Troubleshoot and correct efficiency/reliability issues in existing hardware

  • Investigate upgrades/overhauls and deteriorations.


AxCYCLE can be used to design, analyze and optimize cycles for heat pumps.
Some of the different components of refrigeration cycles that can be used in AxCYCLE include compressors, condensers, expansion valves, liquid separators, electro-motors, extractions/injections components, boilers and heat exchangers, seals, bearings, gear boxes, and so on.
The COP (Coefficient Of Performance) can also be calculated for both non-economizing and economizing cycles.

Cycle Creation Process:
In AxCYCLE thermodynamic systems are created by first selecting the desired components in corresponding libraries. Then these can be assembled (connected) in any desired way to create an infinite number of different cycles. Boundary conditions can then be selected among the available parameters to allow for enhanced flexibility of calculation task (compute vs input electrical power consumption, for example). Once these steps are performed computations can be run for any design or off-design conditions as well as for optimization tasks.

Scope of Analysis:
Throughout its multiple tools AxCYCLE allows running single operating point calculations as well as off-design computations and optimizations.
For parametric studies the MAP and QUEST tools can be used. The former allows users to study the influence of operational parameters on cycle performance and calculate cycle performance curves while accounting for off-design characteristics of the different cycle components. The latter uses a quasi-random sequence generator to pick a certain number of values within a given range for any number of parameters. Its results are presented on a design space.
For optimization tasks the PLAN tool is typically used. It uses a Design of Experiment (DoE) approach to reduce calculation times and reach better performance results compared to traditional optimization methods.
Finally, discrete cycle load points can be calculated with the CASE tool to determine, for example, what the compressor flow rate should be to match the temperature different demand throughout different periods in time.


  • Simulate numerous types of cycles

  • Create cycle diagrams through our predefined components library. Each component has predefined connectio n points and ports for fluid flow and mechanical power

  • Flexible cycle creation using embedded components

  • Run heat balance modeling simulations with only a small subset of component parameters

  • Flexible problem formulation for the calculation of missing

  • values based on specified boundary conditions.

  • Calculate cycle maps to study the effects of variations of operating conditions and component parameters on the cycle performance.

  • Calculate and compare P-H and T-S diagrams of cycle processes.

  • Estimate power plant equipment cost and conduct

  • investment analys is of plant construction.

  • Simplify your process with an understandable Excel interface.

Simulate numerous types of cycles:

Gas Turbines Cycles: 

The AxCYCLE rM software allows users to analyze thermodynamic processes of the gas turbine plant. AxCYCLE ™ provides a library of 400+ existing gas engines with OEM performance data. It can be used "from-the-shelf' to simulate and combine different combined cycles. Library users can also create any gas turbine they desire with a customized compressor,  combustion chamber, and turbine.

Steam Cycles:

AxCYCLETM lets you simulate steam cycles of arbitrary configurations. Therma l power plants have advantages that distinguish them from power plants that use a gaseo us work ing medium. The steam cycle is a practical one; it is the basis of virtually all steam  power plants and hence, electricity generation. AxCYCLE™provides steam cycle simulations for fossil and nuclear power plants.

Supercritical C0 :

Supercritical fluid is fluid over its critical temperature and pressure that exhibits good solvent power. These cycles are becoming increasingly popular for power plants. AxCYC LETM from SoftlnWay lets you model every phase of the design for turbines and compressors for Supercritical C02 cycles.



Organic Rankine Cycles:

Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC) apply the principles of steam Rankine cycles, but use organic working fluids with low boiling points to recover heat from lower temperature heat sources. The AxCYCLE TM software allows you to simulate ORC cycles any desired configurations AxCYCLE™ provides NIST refrigerants fluids for ORC cycles .

The AxCYCLE ™software enables you to model phases of electrical and thermal power generation with different types of combined cycles. These include gas and steam turbine combined cycles, which are successfully utilized in hundreds of power plants worldwide, and also new cycles, such as gas and SC0 combined cycles, gas and ORC combined cycles, and steam and ORC cycles.

Waste Heat Recovery Cycles:
AxCYC LPM is not limited in terms of number of cycle loops or fluids that can be used within a single project. This, along with the unnecessity of mechanical/geometric input data as the multitude of media to work with make AxCYCLE ™ the perfect tool for innovation like waste heat recovery in different industries (power generation, automotive, etc.)

Refrigeration Cycles:
AxCYCLE™ is not just for power generation or propulsion but it's also for other types of cycles including refrigeration/heat pumps. A wide selection of appropriate fluids are available with thermodynamic properties taken directly from the NIST RefProp database.



Binary Cycles are one type of geothermal power source that allow the use of a cooler geothermal supply. Th is provides a huge benefit since lower temperature resources are much more common in nature. Enhance the advantages of your binary power cycle using AxCYCLE ™.