Since 1985, BobCAD-CAM has been dedicated to providing manufacturers just like you with powerful and easy to use CNC programming CAD-CAM software. Our purpose is helping you effectively automate the machining process. We offer CNC programming solutions for Mill, Mill Turn, Lathe, Router, Plasma, Laser, WaterJet, and Wire EDM machines. BobCAD-CAM integrates CAD and CAM functionality in a single interface for a seamless transition from the design process to toolpath programming, simulation, and g-code processing. This design makes it easier for you to go from concept to finished product in less time.

What Makes BobCAD-CAM Different?

We’re proud to say that our software is designed by machinists for machinists. Many of our software engineers began their careers in machine shops programming, setting up, and running CNC machines. This unparalleled understanding of the industry allows us to design effective solutions for every day shop challenges.

Keeping a pulse on industry trends allows us to identify, develop, and market advanced CAD-CAM solutions, support, and training products to engineers and manufacturers all over the world. The modular design of our software uniquely positions us to provide powerful and affordable solutions to everyone from hobbyists and home shop machinists to fabrication shops and global manufacturers.

We’re continuously evolving and adapting technology to make it easier to use and more efficient. Advanced features like Dynamic Machining Stategies™ and the Wizard Driven Interface, among others, have helped countless machinists expand their production power and drive business growth. Our focus has been and always will be finding new ways to help shops increase manufacturing capabilities and overall innovation power.


Loaded with cutting edge CAD-CAM power, our Mill packages have everything you need to start designing and machining. You get full 2D & 3D solid modeling capabilities plus 2.5 and 3 axis toolpaths, advanced simulation tools, and the ability to generate NC/g-code.

Multiaxis Mill

Our 4 & 5 Axis packages deliver cutting edge CNC programming power, capable of handling your most demanding jobs with ease. Our multiaxis systems can do everything from indexing and wrapping to working with rotary toolpaths and performing full 4 & 5 axis simultaneous cutting.

Mill Turn

Designed as a complete multitask machining solution, our Mill Turn system is built for the most complex of jobs. With it, you can program your C, Y, & B axis cutting movements on anything from single-turret/single-spindle setups to multi-turret/multi-spindle configurations.


Designing and programming jobs for your CNC turning centers has never been easier. The new BobCAD-CAM Lathe system gives you the power to quickly create efficient toolpaths for all of your roughing, finishing, threading, and grooving operations.


Router CAD-CAM delivers efficient toolpath strategies to handle everything from simple 2.5 axis cutting to complex 4 & 5 axis machining. This user-friendly software is a complete design and CNC programming solution that’s perfect for woodworking, engraving, production shape nesting, sign making, and much more.

Laser, Plasma, & WaterJet

CAD-CAM software for CNC laser, plasma, and waterjet machines offers full 2D & 3D solid modeling capabilities and advanced 2-5 axis toolpaths to handle your most complex of jobs with ease. With fully customizable cutting condition options, this system gives you complete control over how your parts are cut.

Wire EDM

Designed for precision manufacturing and cutting hard alloys, the new Wire EDM software lets you program 2 & 4 axis wirepaths within tight tolerance levels for all open and closed, inside and outside shape cutting.


Achieve a higher per job profitability when you optimize your sheet nesting capabilities with the new Nesting add-on. This powerful true shape nesting solution uses advanced algorithms and new sheet optimizers for smarter object patterning on standard and custom sheet shapes.