Expert Lab - Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Electronics

Complete Expert Lab for Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Industrial Drives 

Electrical Hardware Trainer Systems:

  • Electrical Machines Trainer

  • AC Motor Trainer

  • AC Motor Drive Trainer (1/3 phase)

  • DC Shunt Motor Trainer

  • DC Series Motor Trainer

  • DC Separately Excited Motor Trainer

  • DC Compound Motor Trainer

  • DC Integrated machine couple to 3 Phase AC Integrated machine

  • DC Integrated machine couple to 1 Phase AC Integrated machine

  • DC Integrated machine couple to Universal motor

  • DC Integrated machine couple to 1 Phase Synchronous machine

  • DC Integrated machine couple to 3 Phase AC Salient pole machine

  • DC Integrated machine couple to DC Integrated machine

  • Transformer Trainer (1 & 3 PHASE)

  • Power Electronics Trainer

  • Microcontroller Based PE

  • DC Motor Speed Control Trainer

  • 3 Phase High Voltage Thyristor Control Trainer

  • 3 Phase Induction Motor Speed Control Trainer

  • 3 Phase Inverter Trainer

  • Power Electronics & Drives Experiment Bench Trainer

  • Single Phase Dual Converter Trainer

  • Brushless DC Motor Trainer

  • 3φ Induction Motor Speed Control using Static Kramer Drive Trainer

  • Four Quadrant Chopper Trainer

  • Energy Utilization Trainer

  • Motor Breaking Method Trainer

  • AC Motor Speed Control Trainer

  • Fundamental Appliance TRAINER

  • Electrical Installation Trainer

  • Industrial Installation Trainer

  • Electrical Circuit Breaker Trainer

  • ....more

CASPOC Simulation Software for AC/DC Machines, Drives, Power Electronics and Renewable Energy.

CASPOC Simulation Software:

CASPOC Simulation Software for Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Industrial Drives & Renewable Energy

CASPOC is a powerful, innovative system simulator designed for the simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. Using CASPOC, modelling power electronics, electrical machines, load and control in one multilevel model is fast and simple. This multilevel model includes a circuit level for the modelling of switched mode power supplies, a component level for the modelling of electrical machines/loads and a system level for the modelling of control algorithms
CASPOC Software contains 200 prepared and readymade practical lab circuits & example packages of several hundred circuits of power electronics & electrical drives available with solutions in electronic & printed form. So in many cases your problem is already modelled and simulated and we will provide it with the software. Circuit Examples of the same are mentioned below for reference:


  • 1-phase diode rectifier

  • 1-phase diode rectifier with inductive load

  • 1-phase thyristor

  • 1-phase diode bridge rectifier

  • 1-phase half-controlled symmetrical bridge

  • 1-phase half-controlled asymmetrical bridge

  • 1-phase thyristor rectifier bridge

  • 1-phase triac converter


  • 3-phase one sided thyristor bridge

  • 3-phase half-controlled symmetrical bridge

  • 3-phase thyristor bridge

  • 3-phase diode bridge

  • 3-phase triac converter


  • boost converter

  • buck converter

  • buck-boost converter

  • 2-quadrant converter

  • cuk converter

  • conventional chopper

  • bipolar switching dc-dc converter

  • unipolar switching dc-dc converter


  • series resonant circuit

  • parallel resonant circuit

  • voltage-source series

  • current-source parallel resonant converter

  • single-ended resonant dc/dc converter resonant converter below the resonant frequency

  • resonant converter above the resonant frequency

  • series-loaded resonant converter

  • Series-loaded resonant con. below resonant frequency

  • Series-loaded resonant con. above resonant frequency

  • parallel-loaded resonant converter

  • Parallel-loaded resonant con. below resonant freq.

  • Parallel-loaded resonant con. Above resonant freq.

  • zero-current-switching, quasi-res buck converter

  • zero-current-switching, quasi-res boost converter

  • Zero-voltage-switching, quasi-res buck converter.


  • Six pulse Pulse wide modulation

  • Pulse amplitude modulation

  • Pulse frequency modulation.

  • Vector pause modulation Notch

  • Analog to discreet encode

  • Analog to amplitude modulation encoder


  • forward dc/dc converter

  • flyback dc/dc converter

  • flyback parallel converter

  • forward 2 transistor dc/dc converter

  • flyback 2 output dc/dc converter

  • flyback 2 transistor dc/dc converter

  • current-source dc-dc converter

  • push-pull converter

  • full-bridge circuit

  • half-bridge circuit


  • 1-phase GTO DC-to-AC inverter

  • 1-phase parallel inverter

  • 1-phase current source inverter

  • mc Murray inverter

  • current-source inverter

  • voltage-source inverter


  • dc-link converter with current storage

  • dc-link converter with voltage storage

  • dc-link converter with energy storage

  • 6-pulse Cyclo converter


  • 1-phase transformer

  • triangle to star transformer

  • triangle to star transformer

  • star to triangle transformer

  • star to triangle transformer

  • triangle to triangle transformer

Electrical DRIVES

  • direct current machine

  • direct current machine with chopper drive

  • induction machine

  • current-source inverter with induction machine

  • voltage-source inverter with induction machine


  • switching of two capacitors

  • forward converter-feedback compensation

  • 1-phase LC filter

  • 3-phase LC filter

  • 1-phase thyristor-controlled inductor for static var control

  • 3-phase thyristor-controlled inductor for static var control

  • 3-phase switch-mode static var controller.


  • Vector-drive 1

  • Vector-drive 2

  • Vector-drive 3

  • Vector-drive 4

  • Vector-drive 5

  • Controlled DCM with 3-phase SCR drive

  • Chopper controlled shunt DCM

  • 1-phase active filter

  • 1-phase sinusoidal input current    rectification

  • 1-phase switch mode for a bidirectional

  • 3-phase vector diagram equivalent series resistance

  • second order system diode snubber circuit

  • RMS and average calculation

  • Flyback converter with voltage/current mode control.


  • buck current-mode control

  • buck current/voltage-mode control

  • buck P-I control

  • buck hysteresis control

  • buck converter with diode bridge and pwm controller

  • buck converter with diode bridge and amplitude mod.

  • buck converter with pwm controller.


  • Induction machine with formula of Kloss

  • Induction machine based on the T-model

  • Induction machine T-model with powers

  • Startup induction machine T-model

  • No load test with T-model

  • Induction machine slip=1

  • Direct current test induction machine

  • Startup induction machine 3-phase model

  • 3-phase model with constant slip

  • 3-phase mutual induction saturation

  • Vector diagram induction machine

  • Comparison T-model and 3-phase model.


  • Voltage source inverter

  • Adjustable speed drive

  • Induction machine in delta

  • Induction machine in star

  • Induction machine from star to delta

  • Soft-starter with constant fire angle

  • Soft-starter with decreasing fire angle

  • Six-step control


  • Shunt-machine without induction

  • Shunt-machine with induction

  • Series-machine without induction

  • Series-machine with induction

  • Series-machine with induction and variable