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ProSimulator – Proprietary product of Sim Infosystems, a powerful dynamic simulation software which offers operator training solutions through high fidelity, dynamic, real time simulation. ProSimulator has off-the-shelf Standard simulation models for Process control and instrumentations, Basic process operations, Refining, Gas processing Fertilizer, Petrochemicals and power & utility. ProSimulator modeling tool is also used for developing rigorous custom models for process and power plants ProSimulator supports emulations and direct connects operator station for various DCS.


PS 5000 Power Plant Operations Simulator

The PS-5000 is a simulation software package is rigorous and detailed simulation models of various types of power plants. The benefits of this package are:

For Academic:

  • Industrial Exposure for Students 

  • In-depth Process Understanding 

  • Carry out In-house projects 

  • Sound Fundamental Concepts of Process Control and safety with DCS Operations 

  • Understanding the Intricacy & Complexity of process dynamics

For Industries:

  • Improved Plant Safety 

  • Smooth Startup & Shutdown 

  • Evaluation of Operator Proficiency 

  • Faster Recovery from External/Internal Process Disturbances 

  • Increased familiarity of Controls & Interlock

The package consists of simulation models for various power & utility plants. Each model simulates the plant with its control, instrumentation and safety systems and field devices. The Instructor can invoke malfunctions, disturbances and instrument failures and evaluate the trainee performance. Trainee can perform normal operations, emergency operations as well as startup / shutdown operations on these models.

  • PS-5000    Power plant Opertions Suite  

  • PS-5010    210 MW Thermal Power plant

  • PS-5012    140 MW Thermal Power plant

  • PS-5013    600 MW Thermal Power plant

  • PS-2018    Gas Turbine Operations

  • PS-5014    Combined Cycle Power plant

  • PS-5015    Power & Utilities

  • PS-5016    Diesel Power Plant

  • PS-5017    Nuclear Power Plant

  • PS-5030    Power plant - Boiler Operations Suite

  • PS-5031    Pulveriser Fuel system

  • PS-5032    Oil Firing System

  • PS-5033    Flue Gas and Air system

  • PS-5034    Superheater & Reheater SYSTEM

  • PS-5035    Boiler Drum

  • PS-5036    Water Treatment plant


  • PS-5040    Turbine Operations Suite

  • PS-5041    Pulveriser Fuel system

  • PS-5042    Deaerator system

  • PS-5043    Condenser vacuum system

  • PS-5044    Circulating water system

  • PS-5045    Cooling water system

  • PS-5046    Gland sealing system

  • PS-5047    HP LP by-pass system

  • PS-5048    Turbine steam extraction system

  • PS-5049    Turbine lube oil system


  • PS-5050    Electrical Operations Suite

  • PS-5051    Generator cooling water system

  • PS-5052    Generator System

  • PS-5053    6.6 KV System

  • PS-5054    415 V System

  • PS-5055    220 KV Switchyard


  • PS-5060    Balance of Plant (BOP)

  • PS-5061    Coal Handling Plant

  • PS-5062    Ash Handling Plant

  • PS-5063    Cooling Tower

Sim Infosystems Private Limited is an engineering consultancy company providing products and services in the area of Dynamic Simulation and Advance Process Control (APC). Today’s operator training simulator (OTS) solutions provide some of the most effective ways to train new operators, refresh the skills of experienced ones, and qualify or re-qualify all operators globally to retain knowledge, help ensure efficient operations, and avert potential disasters. Sim Infosystems provides unique level of expertise in state-of-art Operator Training Simulator (OTS) to the Process and Power industries. We have successfully executed several simulation projects for Refineries, Gas separation plants, LNG storage terminals, Petrochemical units, Fertilizer industries and Power plants all around the World. We work closely with leading companies like Omega Simulation Co., Ltd. Japan, Yokogawa World-wide, RSI SIMCON and ABB for major simulation projects.

PROSIMLAB - Control & Instrumentation Suite  

The PS-1000: PROSIMLAB is a simulation software package to teach and experience the basic and advance concepts of Process control and instrumentation. Using PROSIMLAB, the trainee learns:

  • Basic concepts of measurement and Instrumentation 

  • DCS operations 

  • Basic controls — Flow, pressure, level, temperature 

  • Advanced control — Split rage, cascade, ratio, three element boiler, feed forward / feedback controls. 

  • Tuning of P,I, D values 

  • Instrumentation troubleshooting

  • PS-1000    PROSIMLAB - Control & Instrumentation Suite

  • PS-1001    On-Off Level Control

  • PS-1002    On-Off Temperature Control

  • PS-1003    PI & P Controller

  • PS-1004    Pressure Controller

  • PS-1005    Level Controller

  • PS-1006    Direct and Cascade Control

  • PS-1007    Split Range Pressure Control

  • PS-1008    Ratio Control

  • PS-1009    Feedback and Feed-forward Control

  • PS-1010    Three Element Boiler Control

  • PS-1011    Control Valve Characteristics

  • PS-1012    Characteristics Co-Efficient of Control Valve

  • PS-1013    Rangeability of Control Valve

  • PS-1014    Interacting and Non-Interacting Level Systems

  • PS-1015    Basic Instrumentation Troubleshooting System

PS-2000 Basic Process Operations Suite

  • PS-2001 Distillation

  • PS-2002 Superheated Steam Boiler

  • PS-2003 Centrifugal Pump

  • PS-2004 Flash Tank

  • PS-2005 Heat Exchanger

  • PS-2006 Natural / Forced draft furnace

  • PS-2007 CSTR

  • PS-2008 Fixed bed reactor

  • PS-2009 Plug flow reactor

  • PS-2010 Cyclone separator

  • PS-2011 Crystallizer

  • PS-2012 Centrifugal Compressor

  • PS-2013 Reciprocating compressor

  • PS-2014 Evaporator

  • PS-2015 Blending

PS-4000 Fertilizer Operations Suite

  • PS-4001 Ammonia plant

  • PS-4002 Urea Plant

  • PS-4003 Sulphuric Acid plant

  • PS-4004 Phosphoric Acid plant

PS-7000 Petrochemical Operations Suite

  • PS-7001 BTX Production

  • PS-7002 ETHYLENE OXIDE Production

  • PS-7003 PHTHALIC ANHYDRIDE Production

  • PS-7004 STYRENE Production

PS-3000 Refinery Operations Suite

  • PS-3001 Atmospheric Distillation Unit (CDU)

  • PS-3002 Vacuum Distillation Unit (VDU)

  • PS-3003 Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU)

  • PS-3004 Hydrogen Generation Unit (HGU)

  • PS-3005 Hydrodeslphurization Unit (HDS)

  • PS-3006 Catalytic Reforming Unit

  • PS-3007 Continuous Catalytic Regeneration Unit (CCR)

  • PS-3008 Hydrocracking Unit (HCU)

  • PS-3009 Sulphur Recovery Unit (SRU)

  • PS-3010 Amine Treating Unit (ATU)

  • PS-3011 Delayed Coker unit (DCU)

  • PS-3012 Diesel Hydrotreater Unit (DHDT)

  • PS-3013 Naptha Hydrotreating Unit (NHT)

  • PS-3014 Isomerization Unit

PS-6000 Gas Plant Operations Suite

  • PS-6001 Gas Oil Separation Plant (GOSP)

  • PS-6002 Degassing Plant

  • PS-6003 Gas Dehydration unit

  • PS-6004 Gas Compression Plant

  • PS-6005 LPG Unit

  • PS-6006 NGL Recovery Unit

  • PS-6007 LNG Plant

Key Customers Educational:

  • NIT Silchar, ASSAM.

  • JIS College of Engineering, West Bengal.

  • Madhav Institute of Technology & Science, Gwalior.

  • Adiparasakthi Engineering College.

  • Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.

  • Anna University, Chennai.

  • Annamalai University, Chidambaram.

  • Banasthali University, Rajastan.

  • Bandalkand Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jhansi.

  • Bapuji Institute of Engineering & Technology, Davangere.

  • BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore.

  • Calcutta University, Kolkata.

  • Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bangalore.

  • Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology.

  • Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar.

  • Government Engineering College, Ujjain.

  • Government Polytechnic, Gandhinagar.

  • HBTI, Kanpur.

  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

  • Maliviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal.

  • National Institute of Technology, Warangal.

  • Rural Engneering College, Hulkoti.

  • SDM College of Engineering, Karnataka.

  • Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering.

  • Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Bangalore.  

Key Customers Corporate:
• HPCL Mittal Energy Ltd (HMEL) thru’ Yokogawa India
• Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Guwahati refinery, India.
• Petro Rabigh, Saudi Arabia thru’ Omega Simulation
• Oman Refinery Company, Oman
• Petron Batan, Philippines thru Yokogawa Asia Pte
• Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited, Chennai, India
• Chennai Petroleum Corporation thru’ Yokogawa India

Gas / Oil Separation
• ISG, Algeria thru’ Omega Simulation Co.
• Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Oman
• Kuwait Oil Corporation (KOC), Kuwait
• Hassi Messaoud LPG, Algeria thru’ Omega
• Khurais, K.S.A thru’ Omega Simulation Co.
• IOGR, India thru’ Omega Simulation Co.
• Qatar Petroleum, Doha, KSA
• PTTEP, Thailand thru’ Yokogawa Asia Pte Ltd
• PTT, Thailand thru’ Yokogawa Asia Pte Ltd
• TTMS, Thailand thru’ Yokogawa Asia Pte Ltd.

Power & Utilities
• EÜAŞ Kumburgaz Eğitim Merkezi Müdürlüğü., Turkey
• ESSAR Power plant thru’ ABB, Bangalore
• Volta River Authority, Ghana
• TATA Power Company, Mumbai, India
• OEG India, Chennai
• IPMA, Bhopal, India

LNG Storage Terminal
• Hazira LNG Terminal Ltd (HLPL) thru’ Yokogawa India
• GNL Quintero, Chile LNG Terminal, thru’ Omega
• Adriatic LNG Terminal, Italy thru’ Omega
• South Hook LNG Terminal, Italy thru’ Omega

Petrochemicals / Chemicals
• NIGC Phase 8 (Saudi Arabia) thru’ Omega Simulation
• FPCC Taiwan thru’ Omega Simulation Co.
• Jubail Chemical Industries Co, Saudi Arabia.
• Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited, Chennai, India

• Coromondel International Ltd., India
• Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd, Mangalore
• Madras Fertilizers Limited, Chennai, India
• Foskor Pty Ltd, South Africa
• Matix Fertilizers Ltd, India
• Paradeep Phosphate Limited, India

• Omega Simulation Company, Japan
• Yokogawa, India, Bahrain, Singapore, Netherland
• SCIENSIM Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
• Technocrat Automation Solution Pvt Ltd.
• SVL Engineering Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India
• Sathyam Computer Services Ltd, Chennai, India
• Trident / RSI SIMCON, Inc, USA
• Fantoft Process Technologies / Kongsberg, Norway
• Technip, Chennai
• GIL Automation, Nigeria

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