Swansoft SSCNC

Swansoft CNC Simulation Software (SSCNC)
Swansoft CNC Simulator, is not just a simulator it is an integrated software package that includes:

  1. Realistic CNC Control Panel & machine simulator. Setup, program & operate CNC machines in a virtual environment.

  2. G-Code parser and debugger with advanced features like canned cycles and macros.

  3. Server module to manage student’s access to the system, provide remote assistance and administer tests.


Main Features:

  1. Support for 2,2.5 and 3 axis CNC machines

  2. Contains more than 65 systems and control panels

  3. Rendeing using OpenGL for fast and accurate 3D modeling

  4. Realtime dynamic rotation, zooming, panning and switch views

  5. G-code parser with code validation supports G-codes and M-codes

  6. G-code debugging tool

  7. Capabily to simulate canned cycles, macros and the inclusion of parameters

  8. Fanuc, Siemens polar coordinate programming, G02, G03 spiral inrpolation

  9. Support for custom codes and cycles in different NC systems

  10. Materials library, edit and insert new materials

  11. Worpiece setting and mounting

  12. Database management tools and tools customization

  13. Turret can be configured for 4, 8, 12 tools. The ATC can be horizontal/vertical

  14. Measuring tools: edge finger, feeler gauge, micrometers, calipers, ect..

  15. Roughness measurements based on cutting parameters

  16. Machine simulation includes like coolant, sound for machining operations and chips generation

  17. Operation process recording and reply in AVI format

  18. And much more..

General Characteristics

  • Simulation teaches the student the setup & operation of CNC machines.

  • CNC program simulation and G-Code debugger teaches programming.

  • Server module allows the instructor to manage students and tests.

  • SSCNC supports simulation of 2, 2.5 and 3 axis CNC machines.

  • The software includes multiple systems from different manufacturers like Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.

2D and 3D simulation

  • Dynamic rotation, zoom, pan, full screen and switch views during simulation in real time.

  • Realistic 3D numerical control machine tools and control panel.

  • Cutter trace simulation.

  • Supports multiple monitors.

  • Total machining process simulation: selecting the workpiece, zeroing the workpiece, select and measure tools, select the right operation mode for the machine and clearing all the alarms.

  • Machine simulation includes real components like coolant, sound for machining operations and chips generation.

  • Workpiece setting and mounting. Allows to setup zeros and tool offsets and the use of different clamping devices.

  • Three-dimensional measuring of workpiece after it is machined.

  • Roughness measurements based on tool cutting parameters.

  • Materials library, edit and insert new materials.

  • Database management tools and tools customization.

  • The turret can be configured for 4, 8 or 12 stations (front or rear). The automatic tool changer for the machining center

  • can be setup horizontally or vertically.

  • Use virtual measuring tools: edge finder, gauge, micrometer, calipers etc.

  • Windows MACRO recording and playback system.

  • Operation process recording and replay in AVI format.

Program Editing

  • Programs are easily created in ASCII format using any text editor.

  • Edition capabilities (cut, copy, paste).

  • Numbering and renumbering of lines.

  • Changes in the lines of program are simple and intuitive.

  • Help on screen for G/M codes.

  • Program verification of canned cycles and language syntax according to the command code for the specific model.

Advanced programming functions

  • G Code parser. Support ISO-1056 preparatory function codes (G codes), assistant function codes (M codes).

  • G-code debugging tool.

  • Capability to simulate canned cycles, macros and the inclusion of parameters.

  • FANUC, SIEMENS polar coordinate programming, G02, G03 spiral interpolation.

  • Support for custom code and cycles in different NC systems.

Virtual Workshop with Dual Monitor:

You can set up a Virtual Workshop by using a Touchscreen monitor on which you can operate the Control Panels, giving a real feel of a CNC Controller. On a larger size display you can display the Machine Simulation.

Operation of CNC machine

  • Preset zero point G54, G55, G56, G57 etc.

  • Preset tool axes X and Z (Lathe) and height of tool (Milling).

  • Electronic hand wheel available.


  • Adjust the cooling hose.

  • Alarm collision with the piece, bench or other machine parts.

  • Adjust the parameters of the virtual machine.

  • Performs all functions of the command operation, facilitating the adaptation of the student with the CNC equipment.

SSCNC Server Features
When the software is installed on a local network in a server-client configuration it provides the instructor with the capability for managing students, classes and tests.

  1. Users management:

  2. Students are registered in the SSCNC server by means of a username and password. Once the student log in from any

  3. computer in a local network the instructor can centrally manage, monitor and tutor the students.

  4. Exercises management:

  5. Add and edit exercises in SSCNC server. Transmit exercises including pictures to clients (students). Students work on the exercise and transmit the answers back to the instructor.

  6. Network Monitor:

  7. SSNC sever saves students registration information and allows querying and controlling login, logoff and machine operations. Broadcast screen information to the students and remotely assist them via remote view and controlling of the client PC.

  8. Examination subsystem:

  9. Includes question library management, test paper management, the test process management as well as the examination paper automatic grading.

  10. Test Administration subsystem:

  11. Including test data management, exam permit management and test results management.