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Real Arc Welding Simulator

  • 100% Indigenously Developed “MADE IN INDIA” Welding Simulator.

  • Recommended for Training, Screening & Upgrading the Welding Skills.

  • Supports : MMA, MIG, & TIG 

  • It supports the Real Arc Simulation to Develop the Psychomotor Skills of the candidate.

  • Available in any Indian language

  • Online Voice Guidance System inside helmet to guide the student

  • Uses REAL  ARC with Power less  than 5 Amps to  strike a real Arc.

  • Welder  will  get real arc experience  like  Arc  Striking, Arc  Stability, Spatter, smoke, penetration, bead  etc.

Changing  over  from this welding to actual  welding becomes  extremely  easy.  

In Virtual Simulator no arc is experienced, hence  change over is difficult.

Through sensor the skills such as Arc  length, angle and tracking of the arc is measured by software and gives valuation of  his  skill compare to the  set standard.

Operator has to go on practicing  till  he gets 100%  to the  set standard. 

Thus  it is self teaching, no instructors  are  required, no  big  set up is  required.  

Unit is  totally MADE IN INDIA  and  totally serviceable in India.

Disadvantages of a Augmented / Virtual Reality Simulator: 

        Augmented Virtual Reality

  • Welding is in a Virtual World because Tools, Jobs, Welding Arcs are all Unreal and similar to 3D Models.

  • No Feel of actual Welding, such as touch, voice and vision.

  • No Real Arc or Spark Generated.

  • Skill Improvement is not progressive and real as compared to a real Welding machine and its operations.

  • Shifting to a real Welding Machine is long and tedious because user has never experienced the dynamics of a Real Arc. 

        Real Arc

  • Welding is Real and Non - Destructive.

  • Actual Feel of Welding, such as touch, voice and vision.

  • Real Arc and Spark Generated.

  • Skill Improvement real and progressive  compared to a real Welding process.

  • Shifting to a real Welding Machine is almost immediate because user has fully experienced the feel and dynamics of a Real Arc.

User List

  • Advance  Training Institute, Sion,  Mumbai

  • JSS  Advance Welding Training  Centre, Mysore

  • O.P. Jindal  Institute of Technology & Skills, ANGUL

  • Foremen Training Institute, Bangalore

  • Govt. ITI , Gangavathi , Karnataka

  • Govt. ITI , Saundatti

  • Govt.ITI, Shikaripura Karnataka  State

  • Govt. ITI , Hissar , Haryana  State

  • Govt.ITI, Panipath ,  Haryana State

  • Paniit Alumni Reach for India Foundation, Powai , Mumbai

  • Govt . ITI, Raighar, Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Chandahandi ,Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Gumma, Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Jajpur, Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Jatni , Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Jharsuguda, Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Khariar  , Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Nayagarh , Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Laxmipur , Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Kharaiaroad , Odisha State

  • Govt. ITI, Hinjilikut , Odisha


Certified by WRI, Tiruchirappalli (Govt. of India)

Welding Research Institute is the premier Research Centre of India in the field of welding and allied areas, providing holistic services for R&D, Consultancy and Training.

It was established on Nov 1, 1975 by the Government of India with assistance from UNIDO/UNDP under the aegis of Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Tiruchirappalli, India.

Partnering with academia and international research organizations, WRI is steadily transforming into a World Class Welding Research Centre.

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