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IIOT Mini Tabletop MPS System with Cloud or Local PC Configuration


This unique system combines the latest high-tech industrial components with the advantages of modern training. The kit is manufactured using components used in industry to prepare trainees’ launch into the field immediately with minimum job specific training.

An application showing typical production setup is supplied with various types of sensors, motion controls, pneumatics and PLC.

The equipment is modular and can be easily upgraded/add more modules to the system at a later date.


Following operations of manufacturing are demonstrated,

  • Material handling

  • Drilling

  • Welding

  • Inspection

In addition, the equipment demonstrates various capabilities of Industry 4.0 and to familiarize trainees with concepts of Industry 4.0.

Objective is to create platform where manufacturing scenarios can be demonstrated and tried out with hardware and smart manufacturing solution software.


Following features of Local PC Version of Industry 4.0 Software,

  • Real time data capture and Real time analytics

  • OEE

  • Downtime analysis

  • Production tracking

  • Monitoring cycle time

  • Maintenance alerts

Additional features if Cloud Version of Industry 4.0 Software version is selected:

  • Software will have cloud connectivity

  • One year subscription for Cloud should be pre-paid

  • All the necessary hardware and software for connectivity of the equipment to the internet will be supplied with the system.

Modular production system is supplied with the following components:

  1.    Magazine module

  2.    Drilling module

  3.    Welding module

  4.    Conveyor module

  5.    Inspection module

  6.    Vision based quality inspection module (Optional)

  7.    Base module

  8.    PLC

  9.    PLC programming software

  10.    Personal computer/Laptop with a separate 14” Display

  11.    Industry 4.0 software

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