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WITNESS Horizon 22.5 Available Now!

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of WITNESS Horizon, Version 22.5, is now available to download from the Lanner Customer Portal. This new release focuses on real time data connectivity, data editing and enhanced status reporting.
Designed to make modelling more agile and connected, Version 22.5 bridges the gap between WITNESS and external data, enabling real time updates to be fed into Data Tables as the model runs.


Digital Twin Connectivity
Predictive digital twins make it easy to aggregate, visualise and experiment with business data to make better investment plans, resourcing schedules and operational decisions. With WITNESS Horizon 22.5 it is now easier than ever to link your digital twin simulation model to your real-time enterprise data. You can quickly gain valuable insight by running a mimic of your real-life operations and test decision scenarios with simple data edits, easily evaluating alternatives.

Data Table Connectivity and Editing
Lanner has enhanced the WITNESS Data Table element, allowing connections to be made to any SQL source for both input or output data. Custom SQL statements can be written directly within the Data Table connection to manipulate your data from the raw format stored externally.
Additionally, WITNESS Horizon 22.5 allows users to manipulate the content of their data tables directly in the modelling environment. Data Tables can now have their contents displayed and edited directly within WITNESS Horizon through use of the new Edit Data option on the context menu for Data Tables.

Predictive Maintenance Reporting
Lanner has added a level of detail to the Statistics Report for the WITNESS Machine/Activity element, so that you can distinguish between time spent taking corrective action as part of a Predictive Maintenance program and time spent actually broken down. The statistics are available for each individual breakdown/repair. This extra detail is also available for any reported statistics for individual cycles or tasks Multi-Cycle Machines (Multi-Task Activities) and individual Setups.
Our Release Notes cover all updates and fixes and can be  viewed here.
There are also several video tutorials available on the  Lanner YouTube channel, to guide you through the new functionality.


Famic Technologies announces launch of Automation Studio Ver. 6.3:


New Features in Automation Studio™ E6.3


Multimeter Clamp

A Multimeter Clamp has been added to the set of realistic measuring tools (Oscilloscope, Hydraulic Tester, Multimeter, Thermometer and Manometer), to allow circuit measurement of the electric current without having to disconnect wires.

Co-simulation by API
Automation Studio™ can communicate via APIs with third-party simulation software allowing users to create a model-in-the-loop (MIL) testing environment and simulate Automation Studio™ projects with other complementary multi-physics simulation software.
CAN bus Communication

Through CAN bus J1939 communication, any compatible controller can be connected to Automation Studio™ to create a virtual environment in order to design, validate, train and troubleshoot.

Find & Replace Text
This function allows to find text corresponding to Variables, Expressions, References and Accessories within the open project, and replace it when the text content found allows the modification.

Assembly and Group Edition
Editing functions (add, delete and move components, modify component properties …) can be used within an existing Assembly or Group, without having to Ungroup or Disassemble its components.
New BOM and Report Module
Create your own report template or choose and customize existing ones (BOM, purchase list, cable list, etc.). Most component properties included in your project can be edited directly from your reports. In addition, improved Filter, Sort and Group features are available to help intuitively find the information you want.

Now with Us: Latest Technology in Welding Machines and Welding Simulators.

Real Arc Welding Simulator

  • 100% Indigenously Developed “MADE IN INDIA” Welding Simulator.

  • Recommended for Training, Screening & Upgrading the Welding Skills.

  • Supports : MMA, MIG, & TIG 

  • It supports the Real Arc Simulation to Develop the Psychomotor Skills of the candidate.

  • Available in any Indian language

  • Online Voice Guidance System inside helmet to guide the student.

  • Uses REAL  ARC with Power less  than 5 Amps to  strike a real Arc.

  • Welder  will  get real arc experience  like  Arc  Striking, Arc  Stability, Spatter, smoke, penetration, bead  etc.

  • Changing  over  from this welding to actual  welding becomes  extremely  easy.  

  • In Virtual Simulator no arc is experienced, hence  change over is difficult.

  • Through sensor the skills such as Arc  length, angle and tracking of the arc is measured by software and gives valuation of  his  skill compare to the  set standard.

  • Operator has to go on practicing  till  he gets 100%  to the  set standard.  Thus  it is self teaching, no instructors  are  required, no  big  set up is  required.  

  • Unit is  totally MADE IN INDIA  and  totally serviceable in India.