World Class Engineering Simulation Software and Hardware Trainers

Our products have been selected after have passed through high scrutiny and analyzing the needs of Syllabus of Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Skill Development needs.

Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechatronics, Electrical & Electrical One Line Diagrams


Automation Studio™ is a single Integrated, interdisciplinary software for circuit design, simulation and validation of Hydraulic, Proportional Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Proportional Pneumatic, JIC/IEC Electrical, IEC/NEMA Electrotechnical, One-Line Diagram Electrotechnical, Digital Electronics, Allen Bradley Siemens and IEC PLC Ladder, SFC Grafcet, 2D and 3D HMI Control Panel, Mechanisms, Block Diagram, OPC and Hardware Interface to Trainer Kits.


Power Plant, Process Models and OTS Simulators

PROSimulator (Sim InfoSystems - Chennai)  Is a systems Simulator for 210MW Thermal Power Plant, Diesel Plant and Sub-Systems such as Turbine, Heat Exchanger, Gas Turbine, Boiler Operation, Cogeneration Boiler, Hydro and Nuclear Power Plants. 
Sim Infosystems offers a unique level of expertise in state-of-art Operator Training Simulator to the Process and Power industries.


Simulation of Thermodynamics, Power Plants & Refrigeration Cycles

Flownex® is a thermo-fluid simulations software package used in the industry to predict, design and optimise flow rates, temperatures and heat transfer in fluid systems.

Flownex Simulation Environment can aid in helping students to better understand and learn fundamental concepts in thermodynamic, heat-transfer, system-analysis and turbo-machinery related courses. 

CNC Simulator

CNC Controller & Virtual Machine Simulation

CNC Simulator, is not just a simulator it is an integrated software package that includes:

1. Realistic CNC machine simulator. Setup, program and operate various CNC machines in a virtual safe environment.

2.G-Code parser and debugger with advanced features like canned cycles and macros.

3. Server module to manage student’s access to the system, provide remote assistance and administer tests.


Discrete Process Modeling & Simulation

WITNESS from LANNER delivers a rich set of professional tools to model and simulate any business process no matter how complex. Whether you work in manufacturing or service industries, are focused on continuous improvement strategies or with a particular investment in mind, WITNESS offers an accessible, flexible platform to test and verify business change scenarios in a risk free and cost effective way. 

Solid Edge CAD & CAM

Complete 3D CAD &  Solutions​

Solid Edge from Siemens is a portfolio of product development software: design, simulation, manufacturing, technical publications, data management & more.

New features in Solid Edge 2020 such as augmented reality, expanded validation tools, model-based definition, and 2D Nesting, combined with extensive enhancements to core CAD capabilities enable enhanced collaboration and the ability to completely digitalize the design-to-manufacturing process.


Real Arc Welding SImulator

100% Indigenously Developed Real Arc Non - Destructive, Welding Simulator operating at 5 Amperes.

Recommended for Training, Screening & Upgrading the Welding Skills.
Supports : MMA, MIG, & TIG
Ideal  to Develop the Psychomotor Skills of the candidate.


Simulation of Power Electronics, AC/DC Machines and Drives

CASPOC is a powerful, innovative system simulator designed for the simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. This multilevel model includes a circuit level for the modeling of switched mode power supplies, a component level for the modeling of electrical machines/loads and a system level for the modeling of control algorithms.


Power, Energy, DCS, SCADA, Fluid Power

Complete and Customised Laboratory Solutions of International Standards and Industry Grade in the domains of Power, Renewable Energy, SCADA, DCS, Industrial Fluid Power.

At an advanced level we can provide industry Collaborated Center of Excellences and Expert Training Centers.