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Mini Table-Top FMS System

This unique system combines the latest high-tech industrial components with the advantages of modern training. The kit is manufactured using components used in industry to prepare trainees’ launch in to the field immediately with minimum job specific training. An application showing Flexible Production Setup is supplied with various types of sensors, motion controls, pneumatics and PLC.
The equipment is modular. It is easy to upgrade/add more modules to the system at a later date.

Following operations of manufacturing can be demonstrated,
   •    Material handling
   •    Material inspection
   •    Conveyor
   •    Sorting

It is easy to upgrade the equipment to demonstrate various capabilities of Industry 4.0 and to familiarize trainees with concepts of Industry 4.0.

Flexible production system provides a perfect platform for training, analyzing, understanding and mastering the following learning objectives:
   •    To build Mechatronics systems for industrial automation.
   •    Obtain hands-on experience in advanced manufacturing design and control
   •    To understand the concepts of mechanics, pneumatics, electric drives, sensors, PLC controls, communication interfaces.
   •    PLC programming
   •    Material handling techniques
   •    Fault finding techniques during automation

Modular production system has the following modules:

  1. Magazine module

  2. Inspection module

  3. Sorting module

  4. Conveyor module

  5. Base module

  6. PLC

  7. PLC programming software

  8. Silent air compressor (Optional)

  9. Personal computer/Laptop with a separate 14” Display (Optional)

Magazine Module, 1 set 
This module is designed to separate workpieces out of a gravity magazine and to feed the workpieces by means of a pneumatic push system. The workpieces are pushed on to a linear conveyor
This module consists of:
•    Gravity feed magazine
     o    Magazine size suitable for 50mm square jobs
•    Workpieces of different material, different design, 1 set
     o    MOC: Aluminium, Size: 48 mm X 48 mm X 25 mm, 7 nos.
     o    MOC: Plastic, Size: 48 mm X 48 mm X 25 mm, 7 nos.
•    Pneumatic push system
     o    Push range: 100 mm
     o    With electronic feedback for PLC
     o    Facility to vary the speed
•    Drive for pneumatic push system
     o    24 VDC operated
     o    Max supply pressure: 6 bar
•    Sensors, 1 set
     o    Photo interrupt type, 24 VDC, PNP NO type, Range: 70mm
•    Flexible mounting mechanism
•    Junction box
Inspection module
This module inspects the workpieces for material and orientation 
This module consists of:
•    Inductive sensor, 24 VDC, PNP NO
•    Capacitive sensor, 24 VDC, PNP NO
•    Ultrasonic sensor, 0 to 5 VDC output/24 VDC, PNP NO, inbuilt teaching facility

Sorting module
This module is designed to sort workpieces based on the inspection.
This module consists of:
•    Sorting mechanism
•    Collection bins
•    Pneumatic push system
     o    With electronic feedback for PLC
     o    Facility to vary the speed
•    Sensors, 1 set
•    Flexible mounting mechanism
•    Junction box

Conveyor module
Linear type belt conveyors should be supplied. The conveyor should be operated by electrical motor.
•    Conveyor
     o    Motor with Gearbox: 40W, RPM: 10
     o    24 VDC operated
     o    Belt width: 90 mm
     o    Belt Length:  2500 mm (minimum)
     o    Belt type: Flat
     o    Reversible direction
•    Sensors
     o    Photo interrupt type, 24 VDC, PNP NO type, Range: 100mm
•    Flexible mounting mechanism

Base module
Base module is aluminium structure. All the above-mentioned modules are mounted on base module. The base module has slotted top that enables flexible positioning of different modules on it. 
There is a facility to mount PLC, electronic and electrical accessories on this module.
A small switch panel houses the switches for the operation and control of the modules mounted on this.
Minimum size of the base module: (L) 800 X (W) 800 mm X (H) 1000 mm 
Each base module has a two-tier lamp mounted on it.

PLC and PLC programming software
PLC is supplied along with programming software. The PLC along with add-on cards have enough IO to operate the module. Ethernet communication port is available on each PLC. Necessary programming cable should also be supplied with each PLC. These PLC should be capable of communicating with each other for hand-shaking signals.
•    DI:12, including HSC
•    DO:8 including PTO
•    24 VDC operated
•    Ethernet connectivity

Silent air compressor (Optional)
Maximum Pressure: 8 kg/cm2
Motor Power: 675 W
Duty cycle: 10% 
Tank capacity: 50 lit
Noise: 48 dB (A)
Power supply: 230V AC, 50 Hz

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