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Electrical Power Systems

Expert Lab for Power Systems comprising Simulation Software, Generation / Transmission / Distribution Hardware Trainers and complete MICRO and SMART Grid Solutions

Hardware Trainer Systems:

  • Solar Technology System

  • Wind Energy System

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

  • Transformer System (1 & 3 Phase)

  • Power Distribution System

  • Transmission Line System

  • Transmission Line with Protection Relays System

  • Substation & Distribution System

  • Industrial Installation System

  • Electrical Circuit Breaker System

  • Electrical Home Installation System

  • Motor Generator System

  • Over / Under Voltage Relay System

  • Electromechanical IDMT Relay System

  • Directional Over-Current Relay System

  • Over Current & Earth Fault Relay System

  • Percentage Based Differential Relay System

  • Distance Protection Relay System

  • Over / Under Frequency Relay System

  • Phase Balance / Sequence Relay System

  • Buchholz Relay System

  • Numeric IDMT Relay System


Fully Integrated Smart Power System with SCADA
  -  Power Generation Trainer
  -  Synchronization Trainer
  -  Double Bus Bar Trainer
  -  Power Transmission and Distribution Trainer

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