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Products - Electrical Engineering

World Class Engineering Simulation Software and Hardware Trainers

Our products have been selected after have passed through high scrutiny and analyzing the needs of Syllabus of Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Skill Development needs.


Electrical & Electrical One-Line Diagrams


The Electrical library allows to create, simulate and troubleshoot electrical circuits. It offers a wide array of components to create AC/DC and motor control circuits, from basic to advanced. It supports IEC, NEMA, JIC and SAE standards. Realistic measuring tools such as a multimeter, clamp meter and oscilloscope, can be used to reproduce real-life measuring and fault-finding experiences, enhancing student’s troubleshooting skills.

Solar PV, Thermal, Hybrid Energy Simulation Software


Polysun is a well-established software in university education, as the true-to-detail depiction and the modelling of energetic systems enhances the understanding of thermodynamic and electrical processes.

Using simple drag-and-drop you can choose from 150,000 system components that are always up-to-date and simulate the interaction of the energy system in dynamic time steps up to a resolution of steps in seconds. You can define an intelligent control logic in a completely flexible manner, thereby additionally increasing the energy and cost efficiency of your solution.

Electrical Power Systems


Electrical Generation, Transmission, Distribution Simulation Software with Analysis. Renewable Energy Hardware Systems.Hardware Systems for Generation, Transmission and Distribution with Transformer, Relay and Protections.Fully Integrated SMART and or MICRO Grid Coordinated Hardware System with SCADA for Generation, Transmission and Distribution with Transformer, Relay Protections and more.

AC DC Machines, Drives and Power Electronics


We can provide International and Industry Grade complete customized laboratories as well as stand alone trainers in domains such as Industrial Fluid Power, Mechatronics, Robotics, Welding, Electrical Machines, Electrical Drives and Power Electronics, Electrical Power Systems, Smart Grid Solutions, Electronics and PCB Fabrication. 

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